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BaseVenture clears your desk, rips out your file cabinets,
stops you from chasing signatures and money,
and transforms the way you manage your fund from end to end.
Whether you are a fund manager, a fund administrator, or a private bank,
BaseVenture’s innovative FundManager.io platform uses modern,
cloud-based technology to make the complicated work of managing
and administrating a fund simple and easy.

It’s digital fund management and you need it.

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Red Herring Top 100 North America Winner 2016


FundManager.io – the only platform designed
exclusively for the alternative investment industry


Track investor communications and share documents from your personalized, secure vault.

  • Tax reporting, K-1 preparations, and secure document distribution
  • Encrypted delivery of sensitive investor communications
  • Personalized fund updates on request
  • Contact grouping for simplified document distribution and enhanced scale of communication
  • Benefits
  • Eliminate paperwork
  • View updated investor information
  • Share documents safely
  • Build investor trust


Digitally manage your limited partnership or investment vehicle’s resources while keeping investors informed of all pertinent details and developments within your investment opportunity.

  • Regulatory grade due diligence materials easily created and displayed to prospective investors
  • Marketing information including videos, FAQs, updates, photos, and performance data effortlessly posted and exhibited to investors.
  • Automated distribution of investor reports
  • Legal and financial documents shared with accountants, lawyers, banks, and lenders
  • Audited financials, investment reports, LP & GP agreements, and private placement memorandums easily accessed by investors in a secure, centralized location
  • Benefits
  • Replace email
  • Attract sophisticated investors
  • Educate investors quickly
  • Strengthen the connection with prospects


Automatically populate complex legal documents, obtain signatures, and move money electronically. Monitor important administrative tasks while adhering to internal company policy.

  • Automated subscription document creation for easy launch into the investment process
  • Electronic execution of legal documents
  • Updated tracking of investment transaction progress
  • Instant reminders and notifications concerning open items
  • Benefits
  • Archive investment documents
  • Expedite the investment process
  • Populate subscription agreements


Manage capital calls, distributions, and performance reporting with ease, while positioning your fund for greater market exposure.

  • Automatic fund performance tracking for individual investors
  • Instantaneous access to fund performance and investor balances with customized sponsor dashboards
  • Calculation, tracking, and distribution of investor dividends, interest, and disbursements
  • System-wide capital call scheduling and notifications
  • Facilitated entry into third-party capital markets
  • Benefits
  • Expand your market
  • Strategize with accurate predictions
  • Simplify capital calls and distributions


Manage your fundraising process with customized CRM tools and full-scale data room tracking that allows you to understand the status of your capital raising efforts at all stages of the process.

  • Dynamic pipeline to quantify fundraising prospects and track the status of potential investors
  • Useful management reports to communicate the potential and current status of fundraising efforts
  • Updated contact profiles to easily track and record investor communications
  • Monitoring of capital commitments and capital stack management
  • Responsive tools to manage compliance and regulatory requirements for your fund, accreditation, and tax-deferred limits.
  • Benefits
  • Manage leads
  • Maximize fundraising opportunities
  • Improve communication
  • Accelerate pipeline flow



BaseVenture’s platform is financial services grade.

It was developed from the ground up using industry best practices and lessons learned from our decades of experience working with the worlds largest financial services and payments companies.


Confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your documents and data is table stakes.

We use a multi-layered approach to secure that information and protect it from prying eyes.


Our clients can’t afford to have their data disappear.

We back up our system and your data so you don’t have to.


We keep a watchful eye, monitoring system activity to make sure our platform works well for our customers and their clients but not for the bad guys.

We share some of this information with you so you can also know who’s accessing your information.


We make sure everyone can get to the information they are supposed to see, and nothing more.

And we keep track of who is logging in and what they’ve seen, just in case..




 BaseVenture makes it even easier for investors and capital raisers to work with PENSCO Trust. 

Kelly Rodriques, CEO

As the trusted custodian of over $10 billion in assets on behalf of more than 45,000 clients, PENSCO works with financial institutions, capital raisers and financial advisors, as well as self-directed investors who typically have a point of view about alternative investments based on their own knowledge or expertise and want to put their tax-advantaged retirement dollars to work in these opportunities.

 Technology is changing wealth services. BaseVenture connects the dots for advisors (and their clients) and private fund managers. 

Jeff Spears, CEO
Sanctuary Wealth Services

Headquartered in San Francisco, Sanctuary Wealth Services and its wholly owned subsidiaries, Sanctuary Wealth Advisors and Sanctuary Securities, is dedicated to the needs of the independent wealth management industry. Sanctuary acts as a business accelerator with the goal of helping its business partners reach profitability in three to six months. Sanctuary has a strategic investment from JMP Group.

 BaseVenture’s Digital Fund Management platform streamlines the accounting, reporting and communications with our clients. 

Kai Chen, Founder & Managing Director
Ocean IQ Capital

Ocean IQ Capital is a global multi-family office with the reach and vision to link resources and business across the globe. Our client families are giants in their diverse industries, and we are the bridge that connects them. We seek to be the dynamic conduit that accelerates growth, bridging the gap between technology and market, far-reaching talent and the capital that fosters it.

 BaseVenture’s Digital Fund Management platform - there is just nothing else like it. You need it, too. 

Brett Weisel, Fund Manager
California Residential Opportunity Fund

CA Residential Opportunity Fund (“CROF”) is a private equity fund which partners with niche single family home real estate operators around the U.S. by providing investment capital so they can scale their acquisition, renovation and resale businesses. Since CROF’s inception, CROF has sold more than 5,000 homes totaling over $500 million.

 BaseVenture is the platform every fund manager needs and every investor should demand. 

Rich Bronstein, Managing Principal
Millenial Venturing

Millenial Venturing is a technology driven, private investment firm located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Millenial Venturing is focused on executing private company buyouts in the following segments: business services, mature technology, automotive, health and wellness and distressed opportunities.



What is Digital Fund Management?

Digital Fund Management is a platform that allows you to better manage your investors, manage your fund, execute investments, move money and raise capital. It also guides on investing in popular stocks. Investing in popular stocks like Amazon offers investors tremendous potential for growth. Furthermore, investors who invest in Amazon have a greater chance of benefiting from future growth trends. You can check in Amazon investieren Test blog to learn how to invest in Amazon stock. It was designed from the ground up to make your job easier.

How Does it work?

It’s simple. All of your documents and data come out of your file cabinet and become available in our secure cloud to you, your investors, and your partners. You are always in control and it is always your data, we are just the caretaker. But that’s just the beginning. We automate your investment and money movement processes, we digitize your pipeline and cap table, and more.

What about my old data and documents?

It’s best to have everything in the same place. We make it easy to upload and store all the documents for your current and past funds. Get started and if you have any trouble, we’ll help you out.

I already have a solution?

We’re sure you’ve never seen anything like BaseVenture. Give us the opportunity to demo the platform to you and earn your business. We think you’ll welcome the change.

Do I have to use all of the features?

Of course not, use the features that make the most sense for you. But the platform is kind of addictive, so don’t be surprised if you use it all. The funds that do save a lot of time and expense.

Is BaseVenture just for Fund Managers?

BaseVenture was built to help simplify, modernize, and automate how a fund is managed. Our offering is very beneficial not only to fund managers, but also to Fund Administrators, as well as to private banks.

Still have questions? No problem. Contact us to learn more!



We create technology that transforms the way financial services happen. It’s just what we do.

Our mission is to give fund administrators, private banks, and fund managers the time to focus on big things, while we take care of the rest.




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