It’s time to transform fund management and administration

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It’s time to transform fund management and administration.

What’s the Problem?

Fund management and administration is inefficient, antiquated and overpriced.

  • Funds that outsource their operations are underwhelmed and overcharged.
  • Funds that do it themselves struggle with expensive and outmoded technology

Note: These are private funds spanning real estate, hedge funds, private equity, venture capital, etc. — these are not the mutual funds and REITs on the public market.

Why does it matter?

  • Money invested in alternative investments will grow from $10T to over $18T (yes, Trillion) by 2020.
  • For small firms this is nearly all of their 2% management fees; for medium size guys it’s half their fees.
  • The costs to run these funds, particularly 3rd party fees is CRAZY!  Take a look at the chart above.  Thanks, Citi Prime Finance.
  • 80% of these funds are considered small ($250M in assets) or medium ($250M-$1B in assets) in size.  So there are like 40,000+ of them ready for a better way.

What’s the answer?

We looked long and hard and couldn’t find one.  So we created one.

The solutions for big funds are old, expensive and ill suited to small and medium sized funds (most of them).

BaseVenture ( gives fund managers the 3 things they want the most:

  • More time to raise capital and generate alpha
  • Less work and headaches
  • Lowers costs and increased investor satisfaction

Who’s it for?

BaseVenture is designed for fund managers and fund administrators (that help fund managers). It’s also great for private banks that want a better way to integrate their front and middle office and better serve their investors.

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