It’s not every day that the Governor of Nevada calls your company smart and Innovative!

It is humbling to hear our company, BaseVenture, included in a sentence with the words smart, promisinginnovators and entrepreneurs.  It is even more humbling when the words are spoken by the Governor of the great state of Nevada, Brian Sandoval.

We believe that smart investments in promising technology companies like BaseVenture will help increase Nevada’s competitive edge as an incubator for the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs.

- Brian Sandoval, the Governor of Nevada,

We have a growing operation in the Capital of Nevada, Carson City, made possible in part by the investment and support of the Adams Hub.  Our team in Carson City supports our national operations, using the latest technology to provide top level sales, customer service and support to all our customers.

Our presence in Nevada also provides us with a competitive advantage as we rapidly expand our business to the many private funds, fund administrators and private banks in Carson City, Reno and throughout the state of Nevada.

We are proud to be a part of the “next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs” that are building and expanding their business in the “cradle of tech innovation” that is emerging in Nevada.

On behalf of everyone at BaseVenture (, I want to thank Governor Sandoval for his kind words and I also want to thank the Adams Hub ( and our Nevada based investors for all their support of our rapid growth and success.

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