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We treat security as our chief concern and we understand the paramount importance it has for you, your fund manager clients, and their investors. Our multi-layered approach to securing data & information is backed by Amazon Web Services, the world’s largest & most secure hosting provider. The platform and all of its clients’ sensitive data is hosted in a SOC 2 Type II and PCI compliant environment.

We carefully manage access to our system

  • Our system requires unique login credentials so there is no sharing of credentials

  • We employ a one-time account activation validation via email
  • We use a Session Identification (ID) timeout so inactive users automatically get logged out
  • Passwords are cryptographically hashed, salted, and compared only in secure hashed form and stored in an industry-standard LDAP server

  • Passwords themselves are never stored in our system
  • We employ a password management solution that helps users self-manage their passwords and we ensure that users cannot select obvious and insecure passwords

We protect documents & data in our system

  • We use industry-standard secure web transport using the latest SSL/TSL protocols

  • We use payment-grade HTTPS certificates to provide the highest level of care and disallow the transport of information over insecure HTTP
  • Password protection and entitlements further protect documents and data. We encrypt all documents at rest using 256-Bit AES GCM encryption algorithm. We are moving to full encryption of all data at rest

We work with Amazon Web Services

  • The platform and all of its clients’ sensitive data is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), the industry leader in secure cloud hosting
  • As a client of AWS, BaseVenture benefits from a data center and network architecture that was built to satisfy the requirements of some of the most security-sensitive organizations
  • AWS is PCI compliant, and has robust security protocols
  • AWS is responsible for security of the cloud. They implement and operate security measures pertaining to the computing, storage, networking, and database components of the cloud

  • AWS also provides BaseVenture with its Disaster Recovering offering, which includes robust protection for both data as well as documents that are contained within the platform

Read more about our multi-layered approach to security in our security whitepaper.

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