Fund Manager 2017-04-28T19:24:54+00:00 is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution designed exclusively for the alternative investment industry. Our software streamlines, interconnects, and automates the middle and back-office functions that are required to administer and manage private funds.

Digital Reporting

View financial data and performance reports for you, your fund managers, and investors.

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Fund & Investor

Store and manage all key data & information regarding funds and their investors. Ensure that fund administrators, fund managers, and investors are permissioned to only see information appropriate to them.

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Document Storage
and Distribution

Securely store, organize, and share current and historic K-1s, Subscription Agreements, and other key documents with your fund manager clients and their investors.  Documents are accessible anywhere, and they are automatically tagged so they can be grouped and filtered by entity, fund, and other industry-specific terms.

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Operations & Compliance

Track, automate, and execute key processes like performance reporting and cash management. Simplify the coordination and completion of compliance requirements like AML/KYC, FATCA, and more.

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Protect your data, information, and documents through software that employs both robust internal and external protocols.  Everything is hosted in a SOC 2 Type II compliant environment.

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